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Balancing Rocks

Core Values

New Trajectories operates under four core values.


Coaching with Excellence

We aim to provide a high quality of financial & budget coaching services for each client. Being an excellent coach also means establishing trust and demonstrating integrity in our interactions with others.


Distilling Honesty and Hope

We aim to provide you a clear picture of your financial circumstance. You may not always like the the reality of your situation, but only in knowing the truth are you able to move forward. To this end, we want to encourage you that there is a way forward no matter the circumstance, and we can work together to help find it.


Recognizing Each Person's Value

We believe all people have been created in the image of God and have inherent dignity and worth. As such, we aim to treat all clients with kindness, respect, and compassion regardless of their circumstances.


Embracing Stewardship

We believe all resources, financial or otherwise, belong to the Lord and have been entrusted to each of us. As we help individuals and families have greater clarity, control, and composure in their finances, they will naturally be positioned to bless and serve others more abundantly with the resources that have been entrusted to them.

Our Vision

We desire financial coaching to set clients, and the world around them, toward many positive "new trajectories" with potential to reach far beyond day-to-day personal money management.

Consider the following examples.

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