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Testimonials & Success Stories

Coaching with Eric allowed my wife and I to truly get on and stick to a budget. Over a year later, we are still on our budget and it has allowed us to save for a house, fund an emergency fund, and ultimately live a healthier financial life. Coaching with Eric gave us the tools and framework to really manage our budget well, and it has led to healthier communication in marriage, a reduction in stress, and a more positive outlook on our finances.

David B. - Lancaster, PA

Prior to coaching with Eric, I struggled to keep track of my finances and I was starting to fall behind. As a young male just starting out on his own, I am independent for the first time. I have my own apartment, work full time and have a loan on a new vehicle. All of the new expenses seemed to overwhelm me at times and I knew previously that if I continued to deal with my finances the way that I did, it would lead to lots of hardship and most likely debt in my future. After coaching I feel confident to handle my own finances maturely and correctly so that I am setting myself up well for the here and now, while also setting myself up for the future. I have little to no stress now about my financial situation and am actually excited for my future when it comes to the monetary situation that I hope to be in.

Austin G. - Virginia Beach, VA

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